Independent Schools Show - Navigating the Entry System 3+ 4+

Nursery and 3+

This is the one that captures the headlines, with tales of forms being completed from hospital beds and couriered to waiting admissions staff to ensure a top spot in a London nursery. Although these cases are not necessarily the norm, they do emphasise the point that if you want your child to attend a particular nursery then registering at birth is advisable. A family interview often accompanies the registration process.


Successful entry for pre-prep demands early registration and some schools now have an assessment.

Many schools register on a first-come first-serve basis, opening lists on 1st September. Those born closest to that date will clearly be at an advantage. Other schools are more structured and close lists 18 months after the first births of that cohort. Others simply draw names from a hat. One well-known school uses a tombola!

Assessments vary but usually at this age children are assessed in small groups in a classroom. Family interviews are often expected.

At the Independent Schools Show you will find that there are schools for all types of children from top scholars to late developers.

You will be able to:

  • meet admissions staff at over 200 independent schools catering for all ages from 3+ entry up to 16+ sixth formers,
  • discuss entry requirements for places and scholarships,
  • register your child,
  • hear from the country's leading heads speaking in the Education Theatre about entrance requirements, preparation and how to broaden your options.