Does modern technology give our children access to learning like never before, or is it a distraction that we need to guard against? How can we make sure that we help our children to benefit from today's information overload without suffering from the well-publicised pitfalls?


Sarah Thomas read classics at Hertford College, Oxford, took her PGCE at King's, London, and came to Bryanston in 2005 after helping to run two of Britain's most successful co-ed public schools. She was deputy head at Uppingham for six years and before that spent 13 years at Sevenoaks teaching classics, housemistressing and heading the sixth form.

During her 13 years at Bryanston Sarah has overseen a number of changes, including the development of an electronic version of Bryanston's distinctive chart system and the successful introduction of the IB to the sixth form. Bryanston has continued to thrive under Sarah's leadership and in 2015 the school was rated as excellent across the board by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

Sarah Thomas

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