With a quarter of children each year classed as summer-born, what support do independent schools have in place to ensure they reach their full potential?


Simon O’Malley

Simon O’Malley became Head at Thomas’s Battersea in September 2017.  Previously, Simon was Headmaster at Wellesley House in Broadstairs, Kent.  His experience is grounded in the co-educational sector within schools that have high academic aspirations and a strong co-curricular outlook.  He has been a governor of an independent school and led IAPS and BSA conferences and seminars.  Simon is married to Katy, who is also a teacher.  They have two grown up children.

Annabel Heseltine

Annabel Heseltine is a journalist and TV and radio broadcaster who has worked in the media for over thirty years. For the past nine years she has edited education magazines and has been editor of School House Magazine, the leading education magazine on independent schools since 2012. As a mother of four children, including twins born in late August, she has a personal as well as a professional interest in the subject of summer born babies and will be speaking to Simon O’Malley, headmaster of Thomas’, Battersea on the subject of how to help children born later in the year to thrive at school.

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