St Albans High School for Girls

  660 Girls
  Sixth Form
  Town setting

"Stellar" is a word not often used of schools, however the results here at St Albans High School for Girls have been described as such, and with reason. The girls' achievements at A level speak for themselves: 78 per cent achieve A* or A grades and many gain places at Oxford and Cambridge each year.

But St Albans High School for Girls is no city hot house. Through our unique combination of outstanding pastoral care, strong relationships with teachers and sense of community within the school and beyond, we are able consistently to produce girls who are grounded, confident and open-minded.

Our girls are comfortable in their own skin. Their love of learning is apparent throughout the school, from the forest environment of our preparatory school where girls learn bushcraft and get muddy, to the modern surroundings of the senior school in its city centre location.

The school's aims are scholarship, adventure and integrity, and we're proud to be able to demonstrate the depth and breadth of these aims. We deliver an imaginative, enriching curriculum. In line with recent government reforms we decided not to include AS levels in the sixth form, preferring to allow our pupils to focus on linear A Level exams after two years. This gives them breathing space to flourish both academically and socially in their final years at the school.

Through our deep understanding of girls' behaviour, we know that they have a propensity to overwork, despite evidence that they now outperform boys at every level of education. We like the idea that in year 12 our girls will have time to have some fun. We encourage them to question, to use their initiative, be bold and take risks – and we want them to leave school supremely confident, resourceful and outstanding at presenting themselves.

We know that girls learn best in an all-girls' environment, so we focus on constructing and fostering their intellectual and social confidence all the way through the school. Building assurance into everything they do is an important part of preparing them for university and for work. And this strategy pays off: the vast majority of our girls go on to high-end university destinations when they leave St. Albans.

Our senior school is situated centrally in the city of St Albans, only 25 minutes by train from north London, from where many of our pupils travel. We have around 950 students, with 180 in the sixth form and 310 in the prep school. Admission is selective, by interview and an examination designed to identify original and inventive thinkers.

Our girls are delightful and warm-hearted and we're so proud to be able to help them achieve their full potential at this school.


Contact Information

  Townsend Avenue, St Albans, , AL1 3SJ

  01727 853800



Fees: 300 at Prep, 515 at Senior and 300 at Sixth

The Head:
Jenny Brown

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