Cobham Hall School

  185 Girls
  185 Pupils
  Sixth Form
  Boarding & Day 
  Rural setting
  High SpLD support

We could tell you about all our facilities – our magnificent manor house, set in 150 acres along with our swimming pool, cookery room, tennis courts, and dark room (to name just a few) – or reel off a few facts about class sizes (small), range of subjects (extensive and ever-widening) and location (well-connected), but these somehow fail to capture what is most important about Cobham Hall: the experiences and the journey of our girls.  

We aspire to produce extraordinary girls; each extraordinary in her own way. We want every girl to realise there is more in her than she thinks. We want girls to be inspired by what they unearth within themselves. We want our girls to think big, even if they start small.  Becoming extraordinary does not have to begin with toughness; being resilient or determined is not necessarily the same as being fierce or aggressive. We are a small, gentle school. Just because we are not single-mindedly academic does not mean we aren’t academically strong. Throughout the school, up to the IB Diploma in Sixth Form, we strive to instil intellectual curiosity and, as girls grow, a drive to change their world for the better.   

As a boarding and day school, we offer the best of both worlds. Daygirls can benefit from the busy-ness of a boarding school – we’re always “open” – and the flexible boarding options, while weekly and full boarders can go out with local girls and have, essentially, two homes. Going to Cobham means you can live in London/Hong Kong/Madrid and on a beautiful estate in the English countryside.  

As a Round Square school, learning at Cobham goes beyond timetabled lessons; subjects are interactive, interwoven and intrinsically linked. We believe that learning can be present in any moment of any day, through every experience. We believe the process of learning should be positive and fascinating; inspiring wonder, not fear; that expansion of the mind is not geared purely towards an examination result.   

The philosophy of education through experience also underpins our adventures outside the classroom from extra-curricular activities to school trips and Round Square conferences, service projects and exchanges around the world. Spread across six continents, the Round Square network gives girls the opportunity to authentically sample other cultures and to have some of the most profound, formative experiences of their lives.   

But, the true nature of Cobham – the practical expression of our philosophies, size and international pupil make-up – is best defined by the tiny details of the everyday. It’s enthusiasm engulfing young faces, animated greetings between teachers and girls and bedtime chats between Housemistresses and their “little ones”.  It’s the random trade of expressions between students of different cultures, laughter in the corridor and the cheerful roar of the dining room at mealtimes. It’s the cheers on the sports field and the melodies floating from the Music Wing. It’s the art on the walls and the many hands up in class.   It’s in the very air as you walk through the door. Come and see.


Contact Information

  Cobham Hall, Cobham, Gravesend, , England, DA12 3BL

  +44 (0)1474 823371




Fees: £5365 to £10,210


Entry Pass Mark (%): Open to a broad range of abilities

% to Oxbridge, Medicine, Veterinary Science: Less than 10

% who go on to Art, Music, Drama, Performance colleges:  5-10

Pupils sent to universities outside the UK: Several every year

The Head:
Paul Mitchell