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Kensington Wade is a dual language English–Chinese school, providing the young people of today with a forward thinking immersive Chinese and English education and a curriculum informed by the best of both educational cultures. The first of its kind in Europe, the prep school will prepare its pupils for the very best British independent schools, instilling in them a drive for academic excellence balanced with a high cultural empathy.

Kensington Wade is co-educational, situated in Kensington, London and opening in 2017. The Nursery class will commence in April, reception class in September.

Holding to the values of Sir Thomas Wade – the 19th century pioneer of Anglo-Chinese relations after whom the School is named – Kensington Wade will inspire in its pupils an enduring intellectual curiosity, independence of mind, enterprise and a global perspective.

Our Children will be given valuable tools for their future careers in a world where China is increasingly influential. They will be encouraged to develop mutual respect and affection for both cultures.

Kensington Wade has been founded to respond to a surprising gap in the market – the lack of an English-Chinese dual language school that ensures a thorough grounding in Chinese while providing the best of English independent school education, renowned both for academic achievement and for enterprise and creativity.

Bilingual schooling benefits cognitive and intellectual development; moreover the ‘early years’ stage is recognised as a golden opportunity – if not the best in a child’s life – to learn another language by immersion.

The systematic learning of Chinese is an intellectual exercise; pupils develop their memory and their powers of concentration very early. Methods deployed in modern Chinese schools stimulate intellectual development and transferable skills. We will use the insights of Shanghai Maths.

No previous knowledge of Chinese is necessary. Our nursery and reception class pupils will spend half their time in an English classroom and the other half in a Chinese classroom. With such a basis, by the time they reach Year 1, they will be fully prepared for the more academic content in both languages; all subjects will be taught in both English and Chinese to ensure children have mastery in both languages.

As a dual language immersion school we will celebrate the best of both cultures. In addition to English sports, wushu (usually translated as ‘martial arts’) will also be offered. In addition to art classes, calligraphy will be on the curriculum. Kensington Wade will encourage a Chinese school culture of respect, responsibility, good manners and cooperation.

Kensington Wade has two founders. Adrian Richardson, Chairman of Governors, is well known in the Independent School world as the Founder Principal of the Cothill Educational Trust. Professor Hugo de Burgh is a leading authority on China and relations between China and Europe. The Headmistress is Laura Marani, formerly Head of Pembridge Hall School and Founding Governor and teacher at Notting Hill Prep. She is also Founding Principal of the bilingual Scuola Italiana a Londra and is thus a pioneer of dual language education.

Kensington Wade has premises in a purpose-built modern school on the corner of High Street Kensington and Warwick Road. These will enable the school to house up to 200 children in its third year of operation. The school has been designed by leading architectural interior designers and their vision has been to create a state-of-the-art environment. There is a 680m2 sports hall, unusual for a central London-based school and one of the playgrounds is situated on the roof terrace.

Contact Information

  205 Warwick Road, London, W14 8PU

  01234 567890



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The Head:
Joanna Wallace

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