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Hawkesdown House School

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Hawkesdown House School, situated in the heart of Notting Hill, has recently announced that it will now extend the educational provision through to the age of 11 and in so doing will also be welcoming girls as well as boys. The School will become fully co-educational by 2022. This is in response to parental demand for the excellent education and warm, nurturing atmosphere at Hawkesdown.

Mrs. Jenny Mackay, Headmistress, writes, ‘I have come to appreciate how many parents have very real concerns about the pressure on the boys, and on families, concerning the prep school exam stage. There are many ways of providing excellent education, but with the increasing preference for co-education at these young ages and the desire of so many for a continuum of schooling through to 11, we feel that this is the right change for our school. It will be lovely for Hawkesdown that families of brothers and sisters can come to the school together in their early lives, and that the school will continue to the age of 11.’ These changes will progress through the school gently, from the youngest ages at first in September 2019.

The children will be prepared for examinations at 11+ to the Independent London Day School and the Public Schools such as: Westminster Under, St Paul’s Boys, St Paul’s Girls, Godolphin and Latymer, Queen’s Gate and Latymer Upper as well as to the ever-increasing number of new senior schools opening up in London that are educating children from the age of 11 to 18, including Kensington Park School, Eaton Square Upper School and Fulham Prep Senior School.

Parents may still decide to have their children prepared for the 7+ and 8+ examinations to preparatory schools, and Hawkesdown will of course continue this provision.

Mrs. Mackay continues, “At Hawkesdown, we have succeeded in combining the joy of learning with very individual attention. In a world where everything has grown bigger, often at a cost, we concentrate on knowing each pupil and understanding what is important to every family. Parents are fiercely loyal to this philosophy: that it works is borne out in excellent results and in the open, thoughtful and happy nature of the children. Following our excellent inspection in December, the Department for Education approved the application for the changes to take boys and girls to 11. We are all thrilled at this new chapter for Hawkesdown House School.”

Further enquiries regarding the Admissions Procedure can be found on the school website or alternatively by contacting the School Admissions Secretary on 020 7727 9090 or online at


Contact Information

  7 Edge Street, London, W8 7PN

  020 7727 9090



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Fees: £5,450 - £6,390

The Head:
Mrs. Jenny Mackay B.Ed (Hons)

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