From toys to timetables, the transition from nursery to school can be tough for young children, and it is equally difficult to decide on which route, school and strategy is right for you and your family. Registrations on the day of birth and other short stories! 

This talk, by Kay King, legendary head of Young England Kindergarten and Sebastian Hepher, Head of Eaton Square Preparatory School, will give you advice on how to look for a school and on the entrance assessments which some schools do for 3+ or 4+ entry.

Sebastian Hepher

Mr Sebastian Hepher has been Headmaster of leading London Prep Schools for the last 20 years. He has been in charge of Eaton Square Preparatory School for the last three years and, before that, he was the Headmaster of Eaton House The Manor Preparatory School for 17 years.

Mr Hepher has always been involved in educating children within London and has taught in both the independent and government sectors and in both Preparatory and Senior Schools. He has been on several leading educational committees and within the IAPS where he still sits on the 1S London Committee. Mr Hepher is also a member of the Colet Court Group and the West London Heads Group.

Kay King

Miss Kay holds a Montessori Diploma and joined Young England Kindergarten in 1973. After working as a teacher at the school for six years, Miss Kay then became a joint Principal for twelve years and took over the running of the school in 1989.