Adam Muckle, President of The Tutors' Association

Alice Phillips, Headmistress, St Catherine's Bramley


Is banning homework the best way to help children achieve optimum academic performance? With the 'right' amount of homework a subject of intense debate, and academic excellence ever more important for future success what role does homework play and what approaches are independent schools and tutors taking to get the balance right?

Adam Muckle is originally from Belfast and studied Classics at Durham University. He then pursued a legal career.

After training as a Barrister, a chance conversation led Adam unexpectedly to tutoring. Over the past eight years Adam has tutored here in the UK, throughout Europe and Asia, as well as online. Since March 2016 he has been President of The Tutors' Association, the professional body for tutoring and wider supplementary education sector in the UK. It seeks to provide recognition and professional support to tutors, and a reassuring and responsible voice for the tutoring profession in the UK.