Education Theatres 2017

New for this year there will be two theatres running concurrently. Our aim with both theatres is to provide parents with insight, information and the opportunity to ask questions, in order to make their own decisions about what is best for their child.

Sunday Times Education Debate

A forum for discussing the big education themes and issues.

Are pressurised prep schools and tutoring the only ways to succeed?
What's out there and how to find it.
The relative merits of co-ed and single sex schools is one of the most debated subjects in education.
Is banning homework the best way to help children achieve optimum academic performance?
Do they give parents a false sense of security about their child's future success?
With nearly half of the British medal winners at London 2012, and over 60% of English players in the Rugby Union Premiership having attended an independent school, it seems that they nurture and develop sporting talent as well as specialist academies do. Speakers Daniel Grewcock, Director of Sport, Oundle School
The world of work is moving on apace, so much so that it is difficult to know what sort of roles the pupils in school today may fill.
From toys to timetables - get insight into the transition from nursery to school.
Does a good parent choose a school for their child, but a bad parent choose a school for themselves?
Tailor-made to confuse: can bursaries and scholarships really bring independent schooling within reach?
Leadership and measured risk-taking: the hallmarks of an independent education?
What's the point in paying for the same curriculum that state schools provide for free?
Children from independent schools have been given every opportunity to fulfil their potential and succeed in life, but does this make them better job candidates and perform better throughout their careers?

London Parents' Forum

A forum for the topics that are uppermost in parents’ minds.

Independent education represents a significant financial outlay. This session gives you insight into the help that might be available and tips for managing what can be a 14-year commitment.
Dyslexia, dsypraxia, dyscalculia, attention deficit and executive dysfunction are just some of the neurobiological conditions being diagnosed in our children today.
Mobile phones and other devices: is modern technology a help or a hindrance to education?
Every parent wants their child to succeed, but in this world of fevered exam pressure more children than ever are experiencing mental health issues.
Every child is different so there's no one-size fits all answer when it comes to selecting the right school.
Outlining all of the ingredients and factors that the world's leading universities will be looking for in your child.
Your child can start their boarding adventure at a range of ages. We’ll talk you through the different considerations pertinent at each potential entry point.
How might specialising at such an early age affect university choices and beyond?
With a quarter of children each year classed as summer-born, what support do independent schools have in place to ensure they reach their full potential?
How important is the prep or primary school environment, and how does it affect your child's chances of future success?
How important is it for our children to develop and thrive through failure?
Many grandparents contribute to their adult children's and grandchildren's lives in a significant way and for far longer than in previous generations.
With no one sure what the workplace of the future holds, our panel discuss the advantages that different approaches to education could confer.