Independent Schools Show - 3+ 4+ Entry

Parents who understand the system and plan ahead tend to get their children into the best schools and nurseries.

Each year newspapers report tales of application forms being completed in hospital beds and couriered to waiting admissions staff to ensure a top spot in a London nursery. However nurseries aside, even though London has a chronic shortage of places, few schools these days require registration at birth. But you still need to move quickly to get a place. 

The ultimate forum for parents:

  • Meet the country's leading nurseries and pre-prep schools, all under one roof;
  • Meet school admission teams;
  • Find the nursery and school that suits your child's needs;
  • Hear talks by the UK's top nursery and pre-prep heads.

The Definitive Word on Independent Education

Hear from the brightest thinkers and most respected Heads at the renowned Education Theatres.

Questions parents and students come to the show to get answered:

  • When should I register my child for nursery and schools?
  • How do I choose the nursery and pre-prep school that will be right for my child?
  • Should I be considering a 'through school' that can take my child from nursery to university entrance? Or is it better to follow the traditional patterns and move upwards from pre-prep to prep and senior schools?
  • Would single-sex or co-education suit my child best?
  • Should I consider moving to be near a school outside London?
  • I am considering a blend of the state and independent systems. How do I get my child into an independent school from a state primary school?

The Independent Schools Show has helped thousands of parents answer these kinds of questions.


Exhibiting schools with Nurseries & Pre-Preps