Independent Schools Show - Talks

Education Theatres 2018

Hear from the sector’s brightest thinkers, discussing the trends and choices that will affect your child’s future.

London Parents' Forum

Get to grips with the topics uppermost on your mind.
200 seat capacity, session are 40 minutes including questions.

Why change at the Sixth Form?

Dr Katy Ricks, Head, Sevenoaks School & Paul Vanni, Head Master, Kensington Park School

10:15am Saturday

When is the right time to board?

Peter Roberts, Headmaster, The Kings School, Canterbury & Robert Lankester, Headmaster, Maidwell Hall

11:10 Saturday

Is there a right way to push your child?

Eve Jardine-Young, Principal, Cheltenham Ladies College & Dr Crispin Hyde-Dunn, Headmaster, Dragon School

12:00 Saturday

Which school to choose: co-ed or single sex?

Gareth Doodes, Headmaster, Dover College & Samantha Price, Headmistress, Benenden School

13:00 Saturday

The lifelong advantages of boarding school education

Antony Clark, Headmaster, Malvern College & Dr Ruth Sullivan, Headmistress, Sherborne Girls

13:55 Saturday

Are academic children in any way disadvantaged by going to a less academic school?

Alastair Chirnside, Director of Studies, Harrow School, Chris Ramsey, Headmaster, Whitgift School & Charles Bonas, Director, Bonas MacFarlane

14:50 Saturday

How to choose the right school for your child

David Goodhew, Headmaster, Latymer Upper School 

15:45 Saturday

What if it doesn't go to plan?

Simon O'Malley, Headmaster, Thomas's Battersea & Emily Turner, Co-Founder, angels&urchins

11:10 Sunday

What’s the most effective way to pay for your children & grandchildren’s education?

John Solosy, Chartered Financial Planner, Solosy Wealth Management & Paul Jones, Associate Partner, St. James's Place Wealth Management

12:00 Sunday

SEN support: how parents and schools can work together

Dr Josephine Storek, CPsychol & Jessica Narowlansky, Head of Specialist Education and Wellbeing, Cavendish Education

12:50 Sunday

Adolescence in the digital age

Marina Gardiner-Legge, Headmistress, Heathfield School & Jenny Eastwood, Facilitator, The Parent Practice

13:40 Sunday

Can fee assistance make independent education affordable?

Susan Hamlyn, Director, The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants 

14:30 Sunday

Bringing out the best in your children

Elaine Halligan, Director, The Parent Practice

15:20 Sunday

The Sunday Times Education Theatre

Where the big education themes and issues are discussed.
200 seat capacity, sessions are 40 minutes including questions.

Are independent schools being outpaced by social and technological change?

Julian Thomas, Master, Wellington College

10:15 Saturday

How to play the senior school admissions system 

Martin Barker, Headmaster, Westbourne House School & Oliver Snowball, Headmaster, Eaton House The Manor Girls’ School

11:10 Saturday

Strategies to combine state and private education

Chris Townsend, Headmaster, Felsted School & Julie Robinson, General Secretary, Independent Schools Council

12:00 Saturday

Why private schools are more affordable than we are led to believe

Mr Gavin Horgan, Headmaster, Millfield School & Emma Hattersley, Headmistress, Godolphin School

13:00 Saturday

Helping summer-born children reach their potential

Stephen Hammond, MP, Sarah Segrave, Headmistress, Eaton House The Manor Prep School & Annabel Heseltine, Editor, School House Magazine

13:55 Saturday

US Colleges: a league of their own

James Higgins, Director of University Admissions, Bonas MacFarlane, Erica Sin, Director of Tutoring, ArborBridge & Nico Casasanto, US University Admissions Adviser

14:50 Saturday

Do independent schools prepare our young for the commercial world?

James Palumbo, Baron Palumbo of Southwark & Dr Anthony Wallersteiner, Headmaster, Stowe School

15:45 Saturday

Starting out: nursery, pre-prep and prep explained

Jeremy Banks, Headmaster, Caldicott School, Jenny Mackay, Headmistress, Hawkesdown House, Anne-Marie Giffts-Walker, Head of Early Years, Hendon Preparatory School & Susan (aka Annabel) Hanage, Founder,

11:10 Sunday

Why do parents-in-the-know choose boarding school?

Niall Hamilton, International Admissions Tutor, Marlborough College & Arabella Stuart, Director of Admissions, Sevenoaks School

12:00 Sunday

Do league tables really matter?

Ralph Lucas, Editor-in-Chief, Good Schools Guide & Alastair McCall, Editor, The Sunday Times Schools' Guide, Parent Power

12:50 Sunday

US University admissions and preparation

Billy Wheelan, CEO/Founder, Sentia Education & Steve Fenoglio, Managing Director, Mayflower Education

13:40 Sunday

Independent and state curricula: are they really that different?

John Weeks, Headmaster, Brighton College Prep School & Scott Baker, Head Master, London Academy of Excellence

14:30 Sunday

What makes a truly great school?

Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor, The University of Buckingham

15:20 Sunday

Hear from the sector’s brightest thinkers in our two 200-seat theatres, discussing the trends and choices that will affect your child’s future.
In 2018 there will be two theatres running concurrently:  The Sunday Times Education Theatre,   The London Parents Forum.